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photos © yvan greenberg; taken from performances presented by Dixon Place in the Chashama basement at 111 W. 42nd St., FEB 2004






In E.R. RENDEZVOUS, everything is an emergency and every emergency is business as usual. A man's wife is abducted in the middle of the night by a phantom ambulance. He searches for her within a vast underground hospital where electronic surveillance and outlandish sex experiments are par for the course. A doctor undergoes an operation to become a horse, and med-student Carter must contend with several unorthodox emergencies on his first day in the E.R. As time passes, and The Man's wife seems to slip further away, he is gradually drawn into the hospital's cast of absurd characters and is finally seduced by the hospital's erotically charged atmosphere.

E.R. RENDEZVOUS is loosely based on Kobo Abe's novel Secret Rendezvous and the first season of television's most popular hospital drama "E.R.". Acting techniques developed by The Abe Studio (a short-lived experimental theater company Kobo Abe founded in the 1970's) are recombined with movement drawn from Noh, Cunningham, and Nijinsky. As the hospital's denizens navigate their conversations around an extensive network of hidden microphones and recording devices, the performers themselves begin to embody the technology of surveillance through physical doubling, audio mediation and vocal transformations.

Performed by Corey Dargel, Sheila Donovan, Oleg Dubson, and Alexis Macnab; Directed by Yvan Greenberg