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Episode Four

I’ve been looking for new ways to push my own comfort level as an artist. So, I started putting myself more personally into my work by beginning a new series of online videos called CAM4Genet. A side-project of
GENET PORNO, it continues my investigation of the nature and consequences of exposure, and allows me to explore an aspect of Genet’s novel we don’t have room for in the stage production—that Genet wrote Our Lady of the Flowers while in prison. As part of the story, Genet writes about a character named Jean Genet who passes his time in prison fantasizing about the exploits of Divine, Darling, Gabriel, and Our Lady of the Flowers. Riffing on the webcam world of individuals performing live solo sex shows for an anonymous audience, CAM4Genet is my attempt, channeling Genet’s words, to speak about another kind of prison, and why I’m making GENET PORNO.